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    Communicating with Customers

    Order Notes

    The Order Notes panel displays notes attached to the order and can be used for storing event details, such as payment results or reducing stock levels, or adding notes to the order for customers to view.

    Notes can be a powerful tool for communicating with customers or other store managers. Need to add a tracking number for shipping? Is stock delayed? Add a customer note, and they are automatically notified.

    To add a note,

    1. Use the text area to add the content of the note.
    2. Select Private note or Note to customers in the dropdown.
    3. Select Add.

    Support Tickets

    Another way for customers to reach out to you is via a Support button on your store page. We highly recommend enabling support for your store to allow customers to send product-related queries and issues directly to you.

      1. To do this, navigate to Seller DashboardSettingsStore.
        At the very bottom of the page, you will get two new fields:
        Enable Support: You need to check the box for using the store support feature.
        Support Button Text: You can modify the store support button text from here.
        After configuring, click on the Update Settings button.
      2. When the Store Support module is enabled, a Support menu will also appear in your dashboard.To view this, go to DashboardSupport.
      3. After clicking on the Support menu, you can:View all their tickets under All Tickets.
        Filter them by Open Tickets and Closed Tickets.
        View Status and Title of each ticket, Customer’s name, Date when the ticket was created, and also the Topic/order number.
        Close or Re-open a ticket directly from the Actions column with or without responding to the ticket. This action can be done from all 3 tabs – All Tickets, Open Tickets, and Close Tickets.

        support ticket page

      4. To respond to a customer’s ticket, just click on the Topic or Title. This will open up a new page. From here you can write your reply to your client in the given box. You can also change the status of the ticket using the drop-down.
      5. You can add as many replies as they want as can your customers. After adding a reply, you can view the entire conversation, add more replies, or choose to close the ticket if the matter has been resolved.
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