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    Creating an Account

    To create a BLCK Market seller account you will need to:

    1. Register
    2. Purchase a membership
    3. Set up shop
    4. Request verification


    You can find the registration page by clicking the ‘Register’ link in the header or visiting

    1. Fill out the form as seen here. Make sure you select ‘I am a seller’ if you plan on selling on our site.
      1. That way you will fill out your :
        1. Shop Name
        2. Store URL
          Register form for BLCK Market
    2. You will also select a subscription level.
    3. Then press ‘Register’.
    4. You will receive email confirmation of your new account.

    Once registered you will be prompted to log in to your new account with your specified credentials. Note: if the page doesn’t seem to reload try the login link at the very top.

    Once logged in you are redirected to the Main account page. To start setting up your store click the “Go to Vendor Dashboard” button.

    Set up Your Store

    Picking a Subscription

    In order to add product or start selling (once verified and approved) you will need to sign up for a subscription. Remember we don’t charge a commission on sales just the membership fees.

    1. On the main dashboard click “Subscription”
    2. You’ll see all the available subscriptions. Click your preferred level.Choose a BLCK market Membership level
    3. You will be added to check out but inputting your billing and payment information.
      NOTE: For the instances of trials you will need to provide proper payment information to complete the purchase. However, the payment will not process until AFTER the trial has ended. Subscriptions renew each month/year until you cancel.
    4. Complete the transaction. You will receive a receipt and email confirmation.


    In the Dashboard click ‘Settings’ Store. This is where you will:

    1. Upload a page banner (recommended size 1140px x 547px)
    2. Upload a profile photo
    3. Specify how many products you want to be shown on each page (default is 10)
    4. Update your address & phone number
    5. You can hide your email form the store page if you like
    6. Set store hours (products are available for sale 24/7, this is mostly helpful for customer service)
    7. Enable a storewide discount.
    8. Add your bio/about statement
    9. Enable/disable support.

    For more information on managing your store see this article.

    Seller Verification

    To complete account verification you will go to ‘Settings’ Verification. For details on the account verification process see here.

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