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    Getting and managing customer reviews


    As a store owner, you can moderate your customer reviews. You can:

    • Approve or disapprove reviews.
    • Mark a review as spam.
    • Send a review to the trash.

    To see all of your reviews received by customers on your products, go to your Dashboard > Review page.


    Editing Reviews

    You can not edit customer reviews but if there is a review that needs correcting please contact us.


    Mark as Spam

    If you don’t want to show a particular review then you can mark the review as spam by checking the review and selecting it as “Mark Spam” from the select box.


    Delete a Review

    If you need to delete any review then you could mark that review as Trash by checking the review and selecting the “Mark Trash” option from the select box.


    Un-approve Reviews

    If you need to disapprove of any review that was previously approved then simply click the “Unapprove” option after hovering that review.

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