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    Importing or Exporting Products

    If you have a lot of products to add to your store one way to add them slightly quicker is by uploading an XML or CSV file with your products’ information.


    1. In your Dashboard, go to Tools.Import products csv
    2. CSV Uploads will bring the next screen:csv product import
    3. Simply select your file and continue. On the next screen, you will map your columns to the correct fields in the store. Once you’re done mapping you can Run the Importer.

    product importer

    product import import

    Fields that can be mapped

    • ID
    • Type (Simple, Variable, Group Product)
    • SKU
    • Name
    • Published (Online, Draft)
    • Is Featured? (Yes, No)
    • Visibility in Catalog (Visible, Catalog, Search, Hidden)
    • Short Description
    • Description
    • Price (Regular Price, Sale Price, Date Sale starts, Date Sale price ends) – use individual fields for each
    • Tax Status (Taxable, Shipping, None)
    • Tax Class
    • In Stock?
    • Stock
    • Backorders Allowed? (Yes, No)
    • Sold Individually? (Yes, No)
    • Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) – use individual fields for each and state in inches
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Shipping Class
    • Images – Place the URL to the image in the field. You can upload the images to your account and copy the URLs.
    • Parent
    • Upsells
    • Cross-sells
    • Grouped Products
    • Download Name
    • Download URL
    • Download Limit
    • Download Expiry
    • Attribute Name
    • Attribute Value(s)
    • Is a global attribute? (Yes, No)
    • Attribute Visibility
    • Default Attribute
    • Allow Customer reviews? (Yes, No)
    • Purchase Note
    • Import as meta

    Note: You can add you variations as attributes so they will be accessible however you will need to set up your variations AFTER the import.

    Exporting products

    You can export your product data as a .xml file

    Export product data

    Or an .csv file:

    export product as csv

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