About Us


To provide a positive space for entrepreneurs of color to showcase and sell their innovative products on an inclusive e-commerce platform and provide users with products that create a lasting impact in their lives.


To become the premier e-commerce platform for original products, especially Black-owned products by Black retailers, and create the space necessary for these individuals to thrive as entrepreneurs. Therefore, their success will create sustainable and empowered communities.

Our Story

BLCK Market, a Black-owned e-commerce marketplace, was born out of necessity. There is an immense need for Black consumers to obtain quality consumer goods that will enhance their daily lives. Many of the products in the current market don’t meet some of the demands of the Black consumer. From a broader perspective, one might imagine that the products that the general consumer demands are the same as other populations, particularly the Black community. Although some goods intersect and are utilized by multiple communities, some products are traditionally consumed by the Black-American community. We want to create a space where Black consumers are free to purchase these items without constraints.

We also created the BLCK Market to provide Black entrepreneurs a space to market their innovative products to consumers across the globe. We created this marketplace to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in obtaining a solid foundation through our e-commerce platform and empower them through self-reliance and financial independence. Our business ultimately has been created to not just curate products for the Black consumer, but empower entrepreneurs to utilize the fruits of their labor and invest in their respective communities to ensure economic growth. That is our essential purpose at BLCK Market. This is what differentiates us from other marketplaces. We hope to grow and inspire the Black consumer to Shop BLCK—that is, buy more consumer goods created by Black talent—and to uplift Black entrepreneurs to make our beautiful community, our vibrant culture, much stronger. #ShopBLCK