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      Our Mousse Black Soap Facial Cleanser is made of all-natural products with rich ingredients from the African black soap. This cleanser extracts the benefits of cocoa pod ash, tea tree oil, coconut oil, tumeric, and much more to

      – Fight acne
      – Boost natural glow
      – Help dry skin
      – Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles
      – Fade out dark spots and blemishes

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      Want to Experience All Our Scents This is the Perfect Way

      Four 4oz Premium Candles

      Mini Mason Jar with Black Top

      Virgin Coconut Soy Wax Blend

      Flat Cotton Wick Braided with thin Paper Threads

      Simple and Elegant

      Great Option for Gifts, Party Favors, and Decor. Perfect for Small Spaces and Intimate Settings

      Variety Pack: The Variety Bundle is the Best Option to Sample Each Scent.

      Burn time : 28-32 hours

      $36.00 $30.00
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