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    On you have the option to review both individual products and Stores.

    Review a Product

    Review a Store

    Note: Site Admins reserve the right to review and remove any reviews deemed to be false or misleading.

    Report an Issue/Product

    1. To report fraudulent products, you just have to visit a shop and select a product. There you will see the option for “Report Abuse.”
    2. After you click the “Report Abuse” link that will open the Report abuse window. The module will provide you with a list of predetermined reasons why you are reporting the product. You may also select “Other” if your reason is different. You will need to include your name and email address, as well as any details or a description of the report.
    3. BLCK Market admins will review the report. They may contact you if further information is needed and to follow up on the report.

    Get Help

    Whether an issue with the site or a store, we’re here to help. Contact us here or via email at with your comments, issues, or feedback.

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